Jhené Aiko /// Comfort Inn Ending (Freestyle)”

Directed by Topshelf Junior

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Mac Miller & Dylan Reynolds were shot at Mac’s private studio in LA by photographer Danny Williams (Topshelf Jr), with styling by Luke Storey (School of Style), exclusively for FAULT Issue 17

Video by Bryant Robinson

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Omarion /// “Work”

Directed by Topshelf Junior

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Nylo /// “Someone Like You

Directed by Topshelf Junior

Cut by Bryant Robinson

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NIKE BASKETBALL - The Drew League x George Preciado

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"I want you to know something. Something that you probably don’t
 hear often enough from the people around you. I’m proud of you. And I hope you’re proud of yourself. Not just for who you are. But even more for who you aspire to become. Not just for the way you’re handling your
 circumstances today. But for your commitment
 to making yourself stronger, and to becoming
 better and better with every passing day. You see, you belong to a very special group. I’m talking about that top 5% of society. That minority of powerful individuals who aren’t simply satisfied with the status quo. Who aren’t simply willing to let life pass them by. That top 5% with the strength of character to keep moving forward. That top 5% with
 a fierce and fiery internal drive and 
indomitable spirit that won’t be stopped, 
limited, or restrained - no matter what life 
throws at you. I’m filled with a feeling of pride knowing
 you’re out there every day, doing what you’re
 doing, and inspiring others with your
 actions too - probably in ways you don’t
 even realize. Stay on the path. Stay committed.
 Stay hungry.”

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a short film written and directed by Josh Williams

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